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90% of your achievement comes from your mental preparation. It is usually time consuming to focus on both mental and physical preparation. Most of the times it takes years to learn it and even longer to apply. That's crazy! Why should you wait for that long ... take that much risk ... and then LOSE in the process? It's the opposite of creating success. If you agree with our unconventional thinking, I'm glad you made it to this page.

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Identify and Specify cause of the Fear


How to Focus on Goals and not on Stress


How to Accept and Acknowledge


How to Control your Thoughts


Find out what is your Mission and Vision

Have you ever had a time when stress and fear stopped you from performing at your best? And your best is what you and everyone else expects? In this book Norik will provide the unique insight to what it takes to not only overcome those challenges causing stress and fear, but also to be able to control them and harnessing them as a force for greater achievement.

In "Wrestling Minds": 5 Steps To Overcome Fear and To Boost Endurance you will discover
  • How Fear can Motivate you to Action
  • How to Focus on Goals and not on Stress
  • How to Control your Thoughts
  • What is the the Attitude vs. Results formula
  • How to Understand your “WHY”
  • How to Improve your Preparation
  •  How to be more Effective and Productive Athlete
  • and More

Norik Koczarian

Norik has a strong background in sport, having successfully competed at national and international level. He can, therefore, fully appreciates not only what is required to achieve success at the highest level but also the stresses and pressures under which top athletes prepare and perform. He recognises the decisive competitive edge effective mental preparation can offer in achieving sporting results.

His father, the current coach of the Polish Olympic Diving Team, conveyed its advantages to him. His methods have inspired and reinforced many of the techniques that Norik has successfully incorporated into his own training regime. His approach, centred on motivated one to one tuition, can aid high-performance athletes in any discipline. It offers a unique insight into psychological conditioning both during training and in competition. The correct approach to effective mental preparation is essential in realising your athletic potential.

Norik has continued to enhance his mastery of these skills by training with the best in the field of mental performance, including attending and completing coaching programs with Tony Robbins (Authority on Peak Performance and personal, professional and organisational turnaround), Bob Proctor (Top Personal development coach and proponent of the law of attraction featured in The Secret) and Stevie McGeown (Ireland’s No 1 results coach).

Norik tailors the courses to provide the correct motivational tools to facilitate success and encourage personal and professional growth—his approach help to achieve extraordinary RESULTS. Norik will challenge you to overcome any obstacles in your life and help you to walk through even the most demand tasks by breaking them down to manageable actions.

If you need knowledge on how to improve your business, private life and your performance and want to learn from someone who is beyond powerful knowledge is primarily a practitioner, explore Norik Koczarian on one of his life events or opt for individual work during Coaching or Mentoring.

In 2014 Norik represented Team Northern Ireland at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games in Freestyle Wrestling.

Paweł Nastula

“No matter what discipline you practice. Whether you are an amateur or a professional. 90% of your results depends on the mental attitude and the right motivational tools. Norik through his experience and approach, can elevate you to the top of your achievements.”

Nick Porsing

Norik is an inspirational character.

My Co-operation with Norik has progressed into a true friendship over the years. He has supported me in many difficult situations, always inspired me with his strong, dedicated passion and hard work to make any individual person believe in themselves.

Martin Sharp

If you are an athlete with aspirations of gold or even with just the simple desire of continuing to beat your personal best, then working with Norik will help to get you there. Norik’s in-depth knowledge of personal performance, coupled with his personal experience competing, means that he not only knows what you should do and why you should do it. He also knows how you can make it happen.

Mikkel Bech

“Even the strongest people need help, once in a while. I was stuck in a challenging situation mentally and needed solutions. To work with Norik, who is loyal and very dedicated, helped me change my life view for a positive mindset. A big recommendation for the person who wants to move on with whatever they’re stuck with.”

Brian Magee

Norik is an inspiring guy who finds ways to motivate you in any situation. His energy for life & belief in what he’s doing soon makes you a believer. He walks the was fantastic spending time with him

Andy Young

“The mental aspect of the sport is quite often overlooked yet it is instrumental in reaching peak performance, Norik brings an energetic, passionate and informative approach to just what is required to be a successful athlete. He has helped me to understand how to develop and implement this mental focus, providing unparalleled confidence, which I believe has been one of the key factors for my success.”

How “Wrestling Minds’ will help you?

In some stage of my life, I realised that I want to leave something behind me. Someday I won’t be here, and it would be great to give something to our next generation. Back in 2009, I thought that one of the most excellent and most effective ways to leave a legacy is to create a book.

At that point, it was a huge thing for me and I couldn’t imagine writing one myself as writing was not one of my strong points. Although it wasn’t the first time I have had that feeling.

As time was passing, I found myself at the point where I couldn’t resist anymore.

When you have great people around yourself and people who inspire you to get better and better every day and influence you to achieve and experience the best in your life.

For the past decade as a coach and over 20 years as an athlete, one of the biggest desires was to leave something behind when I am no here anymore. Something more valuable than just money.

I thought that sharing what I have learned and what I have adopted to my life was the most valuable thing that could be here forever. I understand the importance that a book can have in others life and is one of the best ways of communicating on a bigger scale.

I want you to take this book serious in terms of actions and task. I wanted to blueprint to you that the success for you is round the corner and you only need to reach out for it. I have come up with these  5 steps that my clients and I have used to succeed.

Chapters In Wrestling Minds Include

  • Elevate Your State
  • Split
  • Target
  • Acknowledge
  • Transform
  • Exact
  • Attitude vs Our Results

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